‘Moon Knight’ writer confirms unexpected comic character appearance in episode one

Moon Knight is finally here and while fans are busy breaking it down to find hidden secrets, writer Jeremy Slater has already confirmed that he did sneak in a comic book character in the episode.

During the first episode, Steven Grant vents about his daily life to a living statue, who is listed in the show’s credits as the Marvel character Crawley. While Slater previously dismissed Crawley’s appearance in the show, he took to social media responding to a fan backtracking on his initial claim and explaining that Crawley does exist in the show.

Crawley is likely an adaption of Bertrand Crawley who is an ally of Moon Knight in the comics. While it may not be the same in the series, in the comics Crawley is a homeless man who acts as an informant for the vigilante.

First introduced in Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1 #28, Crawley met Jake Lockley, another Moon Knight persona who is yet to show up on the Disney Plus series. Moon Knight’s first episode may have been quite confusing for those new to the character but it successfully set the tone of the series while teasing bigger things to come. In the next few episodes, we’ll learn a lot more about Steven Grant, his various alter-egos, and perhaps, a little more about Crawley.

While Slater explicitly confirming his presence does hint at the character playing a larger part in the story later in the series, for now, his status is confined to being a simple statue in a park the lonely Steven converses with.