‘Moon Knight’ Writer Elaborates on Khonshu’s Unscripted Flashback Tease
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‘Moon Knight’ writer elaborates on Khonshu’s unscripted flashback tease

The addition has left more questions than answers.

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Marvel’s Moon Knight was full of twists and surprises during its six-episode run on Disney Plus and one of the biggest was the appearance of a bird skeleton during Marc Spector’s flashback scene.

The appearance of this skeleton has almost unanimously been interpreted as a tease of Khonshu coming into Spector’s life, but in an interview with the Direct, writer Jeremy Slater says it was never intended to be in the script.

“That wasn’t in the script. I don’t know if they found that on the day or if that was sort of added at some point, but for me that’s one of those details where I’m like, I didn’t come up with that, so I can’t say what it was supposed to mean. But as a storyteller, I see that and my mind starts immediately spinning, and I start asking a lot of questions…”

This flashback scene comes as one of the biggest reveals during the show’s last episodes providing context about Spector’s past. In the flashback, only Spector from the current time watching his memories notices the small skeleton, but it’s not addressed any further during the episode.

While he couldn’t provide any answers, Slater did pose questions about what it could potentially mean.

“How early did Khonshu come into their lives? Has he been manipulating things from the start? Or is it just fun foreshadowing? Is it one of those things to make you question if all of this is just happening inside of Marc’s head, and none of it’s real? Or is it actually a bread crumb that leads to something bigger and more interesting down the road. I don’t know, but I think those theories are really fun.”

Fans likely won’t be getting any closure about this strange addition until Moon Knight appears once again in the MCU. While Moon Knight has been a huge success, the show has yet to be renewed for another season. The future of the white caped crusader is unknown within the current MCU, only time will tell if they will make an eventual return.

You can binge through all of Moon Knight on Disney Plus.