‘Moon Knight’ writer has no idea where it fits in the MCU timeline

moon knight

Every time a new Marvel Cinematic Universe project either hits theaters or streams on Disney Plus, the franchise is forced to release an updated version of the Sacred Timeline, with the Mouse House’s on-demand platform also providing subscribers with the option to watch the franchise in several different viewing orders.

With upwards of 30 film and television titles in various stages of development and/or production, it’s going to be a tough task to ensure everything dovetails together as intended, especially when Moon Knight lead writer Jeremy Slater has openly admitted that he’s got no idea when these events are supposed to be unfolding.

We can infer that it’s post-Infinity Saga, that much is for sure, but when addressing a fan question on Twitter, the scribe and executive producer revealed that Moon Knight‘s position in the mythology was kept intentionally vague.

There’s every chance future blockbusters or episodic exclusives could fill in the gaps, but part of the reason why Moon Knight works as well as it does is because it largely stays away from overt references to canon.

A couple of Easter Eggs and throwaway references have been made, but it if wasn’t slapped with the Marvel branding, then you wouldn’t even realize the series takes place in the same universe where three versions of Spider-Man recently prevented the multiverse from collapsing in on itself.

That’s definitely a good thing, with Oscar Isaac’s stint as the supernatural superhero so far living up to the hype and then some, leaving fans desperate for the next installment each passing Wednesday.

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