‘Moon Knight’ writer reveals the original big bad was reduced to an Easter Egg

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

Moon Knight will wrap up its first season this week, with Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector facing off against Ethan Hawke’s Dr Harrow as he attempts to summon the ancient Egyptian death god Ammit. It’s been a wild ride through some of the weirder corners of the MCU, though according to Moon Knight‘s head writer (and executive producer), Jeremy Slater, it could have been very different.

Speaking with the House of R podcast, Slater revealed that the original villain was going to be lifted straight from the comics: Raul Bushman, who is instrumental in Spector’s origin story. He is a powerful merc with razor-sharp steel teeth and a disposition to match. Here’s how Slater said it would go down:

“There were a lot of specifics in the pitch that didn’t wind up working in the show. Bushman was initially going to be the main villain. I thought he was going to be possessed by an Egyptian god by the end of it, and you’d have a big sort of avatar battle.”

Raul Bushman in Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Comics

In the final product, Bushman was still a part of the story, though he was relegated to a mere namedrop as the leader of Spector’s mercenary squad. After Bushman tasked Spector with wiping out an unarmed team of archaeologists, Spector mutinied and tried to save them. He failed, with Layla’s father being killed in the process, and when he dragged his bullet-riddled body into Khonshu’s temple, the Egyptian god offered to save his life if he agreed to be his avatar and Spector said yes.

It remains to be seen if Bushman’s live-action adaptation will ever appear in the MCU. However, we now know he’s out there somewhere, and both Marc Spector and Layla have a massive beef with him. Let’s hope we see those steel chompers in action at some point.

Moon Knight‘s season one finale will air on Disney Plus this Wednesday.