‘Moon Knight’ writer took inspiration from ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Ghostbusters’

moon knight

Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater has shared some of the biggest influences for the upcoming Marvel TV series.

At the show premiere on Tuesday night, Slater explained to Variety that despite the similarities between Marvel’s Moon Knight and DC’s Batman characters, he chose to take the direction elsewhere using some iconic film franchises as inspiration.

“I came and wanted to go with Raiders of the Lost Ark. I want to see some Ghostbusters. I want to bring some horror into the MCU and some scary monsters, and really push that envelope as far we can. Kevin [Feige] and Marvel were so supportive of that, so we really just sort of used Kevin as our litmus test in terms of finding out if this is something we should pull back on.”

Slater revealed that he ran all his ideas by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige but his plans for the series were never turned down. The team only pushed him to tell the best story for the character possible and not hold back. “We didn’t want to make something that was inaccessible to a big chunk of the MCU fanbase and we know people watch these shows with their kids and their families, but I was like ‘Let’s get as PG-13 as we possible can!'” he added,

Moon Knight is a step towards uncovering Marvel’s more supernatural side and with that being the case its influences make a ton of sense. Some early critics have already likened it to adventure movies such as National Treasure and Indiana Jones so it would seem they showcased their inspirations perfectly.

Fans can see these similarities themselves when the show debuts on Disney Plus on March 30.