Morena Baccarin Secures Recurring Role On Gotham

Episode 108

In light of Gotham having recently been granted an order for extra episodes, it seems that Fox are confident in the future of the show. As well as the season one extension, the addition of more crackers characters from DC’s back catalogue would indicate that Arkham Asylum could serve as a narrative lynchpin of sorts. Now that Morena Baccarin has joined as one of the asylum’s most decorated workers, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, this might definitely be the case.

If Fox’s intentions are to ensure a high rating on the geek intertextuality meter, then they’ve certainly done their research. Baccarin is no stranger to genre titles, after appearing in Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Stargate SG-1 and V. For those non-sci-fi lovers, she’ll be more recognizable from her fantastic work on Homeland.

But back to Gotham, and Baccarin’s involvement in the show’s burgeoning mythology. Harkening back to a popular character from the comics, Dr. Thompkins is a practitioner employed at the just-opened Asylum, who is deeply connected to Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Here’s the full scoop from Deadline:

She will play Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a gifted and dedicated physician who was a friend of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha. She is determined to use her skills to aid Gotham’s most in need, which currently means working at the newly opened Arkham Asylum’s Home for the Criminally Insane. In addition to her medical skills, her coolness under pressure will serve her well as she finds herself drawn close to James Gordon and into more and more dangerous waters.

Sounds like quite a key role, and one that looks set to continue – especially if there’s to be more baddies on the scene. Baccarin may be entering the first season a little late in the game, but we understand that she’ll be promoted to a series regular for the second. Her previous television work proves that she’s got the chops to handle dedicated fans and put in compelling performances week after week. We’ll soon see how she fares as Dr. Thompkins.

Gotham airs on Fox at 8pm Tuesdays.