Is This Long-Running Character Set To Die On The Walking Dead Season 8?


The Walking Dead will soon be returning to our screens for its highly anticipated eighth season next month. And we all know what that means, right? Be prepared to say goodbye to a beloved character as they die a really gruesome death.

Which unlucky member of the cast will be given the axe this time around, though? Currently, all signs are pointing to Morgan Jones being the one to get the chop next. In the season 8 trailer (above), the character uttered the most jinxing words anyone could ever say on this show: “I don’t die.” That’s The Walking Dead equivalent of saying “At least, it’s not raining.”

During a special preview of the season premiere that aired on Sunday, stars Lennie James and Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased how the character’s words could come back to bite him, saying the following:

“It doesn’t matter what my reaction to it is. The fans’ reactions and my kids’ reaction to it is, ‘Daddy, does that mean you’re dead?'”

James went on to remind us how anyone who dies on The Walking Dead kicks the bucket right at the most inopportune – and most dramatic – moments.

“In this show, you fall in love, you have a really good idea, or someone calls you the moral compass – you’re dead,” James said. “You’re dead.”

Morgan – who plays Negan on the show – also added:

“‘I don’t die’ is probably not the best plan.”

Though neither star is giving much away on the topic, they’re also not saying a lot to deny that Morgan’s time is winding down. Still, it’s difficult to say for sure what the future holds for the character. After all, the TV version of Morgan has long outlasted his comic book counterpart, so we can’t look to the source material for guidance.

However, there are always casualties in war, and if the All Out War storyline with Negan is going to have any impact, the show needs to kill off a major cast member. Morgan has been around since season 1, so it’s fair to say that bumping him off would really raise the stakes.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see what fate awaits him when The Walking Dead returns on October 22nd.