The Walking Dead’s 10 Most Devastating Deaths


Over seven seasons, The Walking Dead has picked off its cast of characters with reckless abandon. If you form an attachment to someone on the show, you should know that the chances are they’re going to meet a terrible end at some point.

So frequently has the series pulled the rug from underneath audiences and written out fan favourite (and not so fan favourite) characters that it has become the thing that most defines the show. It’s a fantastic device that really keeps the viewers on their feet and never lets The Walking Dead sink into a rut.

Some fans might argue the writers often throw in a death for the sake of it – losing a character who had more to give to the show in the process – but you can’t argue against its effectiveness. Plus, they’re only being “realistic.” These guys are living in a zombie-ravaged post-apocalyptic wasteland. They aren’t going to be skipping around a field making daisy chains all day, right?

Out of the many shocking, saddening deaths that have occurred in the show so far, we’ve whittled it down to the ten most devastating demises. If the one that got you going isn’t on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below.