Gotham’s Pilot Director Wants To Bring Mr. Freeze Into The Mix

mr freeze

Over time, Gotham has seemingly become more than the Jim Gordon-centric prequel series we originally thought it to be. Instead, it’s become an exploration of not only the origin of the future police commissioner, but of the Caped Crusader’s varied and iconic rogues gallery as well.

We know that characters like Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nygma, Selina Kyle, and even Ivy Pepper will be gracing our small screens this fall, and we have heard hints about future appearances from the Joker and Scarecrow, too. Batman has a lot of villains for the show to use, meaning that those we’ve seen so far are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

According to pilot director Danny Cannon, he has one of Batman’s… cooler villains in mind for the future. That is, Dr. Victor Fries, who’s destined to become the criminal with a heart of ice, Mr. Freeze. In a recent interview with HitFix about the series, he was asked about upcoming moments that he’s already anticipating getting back into the director’s chair for, and he mentioned Freeze as a particular character of interest:

“I have a big pitch with [showrunner] Bruno [Heller] about the Mr. Freeze character, whose origins are uncertain. If I can win Geoff Johns over and if I can win Bruno oever, then I look forward to the moment where that character can be realized.”

There’s no question that Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s more popular villains, thanks to his appearances on the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. His origins have remained quite mysterious over the years, though the reasons for which he undergoes his icy transformation are well known. He would be a fantastic character to bring into the Gotham fold and would offer plenty of storytelling material to explore in greater detail.

Tell us, would you like to see Mr. Freeze make his way to Gotham Let us know in the comment section, and make sure to catch the series when it airs on Fox this fall, on Mondays at 8pm.

Source: HitFix