‘Ms. Marvel’ cast proves their dedication with matching tattoos

During a recent interview, cast members of the upcoming Ms. Marvel revealed that the cast all got matching tattoos to commemorate the end of filming. Yasmeen Fletcher and Laurel Marsden revealed that twelve cast and crew members from the 2022 Disney Plus show were committed to lightning bolt ink.

At the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, when Variety spoke to Fletcher, who plays Nakia Bahadir, and Marsden, who plays Zoe Zimmer in Ms. Marvel, Fletcher revealed that a private tattooist came to her apartment and gave the twelve cast and crew members matching tattoos.

Speaking on the red carpet, Marsden and Fletcher exclaimed their excitement over the matching tattoos before explaining why they all received the same ink, showing fans the strong example of friendship that Ms. Marvel will example during the six-episode first season.

Fletcher was later asked about the upcoming show and gave fans an inside as to what they can expect when the show airs next year, proclaiming that it is a great story to be told, with diversity and representation of those that usually don’t usually exist in such shows.

Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney Plus in late 2022.