Ms. Marvel Character Breakdowns Reveal New Inhuman Characters


As revealed at last August’s D23, Marvel Studios is developing a Ms. Marvel TV series for Disney Plus. Debuting in 2013, Kamala Khan has to be one of the most popular heroes to be introduced to the comics universe in recent years, so fans are looking forward to her making it into the MCU. Just as on the page, she’ll be the first Muslim superhero in the franchise. The show will also be notable for bringing back the Inhumans though, as Kamala is one herself.

Ms. Marvel won’t be shying away from that either, after ABC’s Inhumans series flopped hard back in 2017, and is expected to relaunch the super-powered race within the MCU. New character details further prove this will be the case, with The Illuminerdi revealing the identity of two supporting figures on the show alongside Kamala. One is the Inhuman teen Kamran and the other is young vigilante Red Dagger.

The outlet notes that the studio is currently casting for two male Muslim actors in the range of 17-25 years old. Both of them will be familiar to comics readers. Kamran is a hunky Inhuman boy with the power of bioluminescence that Kamala has a crush on. However – in the comics – he turns out to be a villain. The Illuminerdi writes that they’ve heard the show will hew very closely to the source material, so expect that twist to occur on screen, too.

The second is Red Dagger, real name Kareem. Kareem hails from Pakistan and has a shared family history with the Khans. Though he doesn’t possess any powers, he does have a serious knack for throwing daggers. It’s stated that there’s an undeniable romantic connection between Kamala and Kareem, as well.

We Got This Covered has previously heard that the Inhuman Royal family may be recast and feature in Ms. Marvel, too, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. Either way, a major corner of the MCU is definitely being rebooted with the series.