‘Ms. Marvel’ merch teases an in-universe Avengercon

Ms. Marvel
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So far, the MCU’s Phase Four has done a good job of making the Marvel universe feel lived-in, with various moments fleshing out on what it would be like to live in a world where the Avengers exist. Hawkeye, for instance, introduced the Hamilton-esque Broadway musical Rogers. Ms. Marvel could be the best example of this yet, though, as it’ll focus on Kamala Khan, a Captain Marvel fangirl who ends up becoming a superhero herself.

And, going by the latest merch for the upcoming Disney Plus series, Ms. Marvel will see Kamala attend a Comic-Con-like event celebrating Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Hot Topic has launched a new listing that’s labelled as “Ms. Marvel Avengercon Throw Blanket.” The artwork on the blanket labels it as a memento from the New Jersey Avengercon, which apparently plays host to a range of Avenger-themed activities and exhibits including “The Realm of Asgard”, “Things Hulk Smashed”, and “Gigantic Dude Ant-Man.”

By the looks of it, then, New Jersey native Kamala Khan will attend the Avengercon at some point during the show. It’s easy to imagine a scene in which she attends the “Captain Marvel: Cosmic Avenger” exhibit with awe, establishing that she’s Carol Danvers’ biggest fan. Of course, just like fans ended up campaigning for Marvel to make Rogers a reality, we’re betting folks are going to start demanding that Avengercon become a real thing, too.

It’s just possible that Avengercon could have a bigger impact on the plot than Rogers did in Hawkeye, however. In the Marvel’s Avengers game, Kamala’s most notable screen appearance to date, Ms. Marvel got her powers while attending the A-Day celebrations. Perhaps Avengercon will take the place of A-Day in the streaming series’ story and Kamala will discover her abilities for the first time while at the con.

Starring Iman Vellani, Ms. Marvel is due to blast onto Disney Plus this June 8.

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