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‘Ms. Marvel’ reshoots confirmed to have involved ‘decent amount of change’

The Disney Plus show underwent extensive reshoots.

Ms. Marvel
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Ms. Marvel grabbed headlines earlier this year for some less-than-ideal reasons, back when the Disney Plus show went back into production for a lengthy period of reshoots. Reshoots are par for the course for Marvel Studios projects, sure, but word had it that the series was in trouble as execs had allegedly ordered it to be vastly reimagined.

While the specifics of the second bout of shooting still allude us, we’ve now received a first-hand account of the additional photography, which plays down any talk of Ms. Marvel ever being in major trouble. Having said that, the pick-ups certainly weren’t nothing, and did involve “a decent amount of change.” At least, that’s what sound mixer Chris Giles told The Direct when asked in an interview.

“The one constant in life is change. The one constant in the MCU is yes, there’s change. Not as, there were certain moments where I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re definitely going to rewrite that.’ And then we change something else later in the story. Now, all that makes sense. So some elements did get changed in reshoots, some of them were fully replaced. Some of them were just like, ‘Oh, we just need her grabbing the door or something simple like that.’ So, there was a decent amount of change, but nothing, nothing super extensive to change the story.”

Giles’ comments don’t exactly answer everything we want to know, then, as it’s clear that he’s reluctant to go into specifics, but it definitely appears that their significance was greatly exaggerated. For instance, one rumor went that the reshoots were going to replace Kamala Khan’s energy powers with her classic stretchy ones after fan backlash. Now that the show is here, however, we know that was nonsense, as it seems Kamala’s energy-based abilities are here to stay.

Maybe once the series is complete, we’ll be able to discover a little more about what really happened behind the scenes on this one, but so far Ms. Marvel has been a welcome blast of fresh air for the franchise, so whatever the creative team did to fine-tune the show, it worked. Don’t miss the Iman Vellani vehicle as it unfolds new episodes Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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