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‘Ms. Marvel’ star Iman Vellani reveals the ‘riveting’ text conversations she’s had with Kevin Feige

'Ms. Marvel' star Iman Vellani and Kevin Feige have had some fascinating exchanges.

Iman Vellani in character as Kamala Khan in “Ms. Marvel”
Photo via Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani is revealing the “riveting conversations” she’s had with Marvel boss Kevin Feige, specifically when she was grilling him about Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything Vellani hosted on Thursday, one fan asked “what is the most random thing you’ve texted Kevin Feige and how did he respond?” The answer was not only priceless and hilarious but involved the usage of some well-placed reaction GIFs to boot.

“I was having an argument with [The Marvels director] Nia Dacosta about seeing hobgoblin in that first NWH trailer and asked kevin if it was him or just Norman and he sent me the gif of norman saying “you know i’m something of a scientist myself” then i sent the frodo gif of “all right then keep your secrets”

riveting conversations….”

Earlier this week, Ms. Marvel co-star Yasmeen Fletcher, who plays Nakia in the show, also revealed she has also had the honor of receiving text messages from Feige. In an Instagram post Fletcher made Wednesday, the last photo in a gallery she posted was a screen shot of a text she received from Feige. Fletcher sent Feige a photo of herself, Vellani, and Ms. Marvel co-star Matt Lintz, who plays Bruno in the show.

“What a bunch of cool kids!” Feige said in the text.

The photo was later posted to the r/MarvelStudios Reddit page, where Marvel fans inevitably imagined what a glorious life it would be to be able to casually text Feige on a whim.

“Imagine just texting pics to Kevin Feige and him responding,” one fan wrote.

It’s hilarious to think that Marvel fans would be more caught up in fantasies about texting Feige rather than, you know, having superpowers and such. We truly are a wonderful fanbase.

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