‘Ms. Marvel’ star shares her dream MCU crossovers

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

MCU crossovers have become a common occurrence in the past decade and as we move forward we’re only set to get more. This being the case, MCU newcomer Iman Vellani shared her thoughts on what crossovers she’d like to see her character Ms. Marvel have in the future.

While many MCU stars would like to appear alongside Avengers’ mainstays like Thor or The Hulk, in June’s issue of Lockdown magazine Vellani explained she would prefer to see her character take to space when the time comes to fight alongside other heroes — and not just with Captain Marvel.

“I think the Guardians will be fun because I’d love to see her interact with aliens. They also all have different personalities and when Kamala is on-screen with anyone, she brings out their joy and humor.”

Continuing further, the star shared some of the Earth-based characters who would make good crossovers with Ms. Marvel, including other names new to the MCU; Kate Bishop, and Ironheart.

While anything is possible, it would seem more likely to see Ms. Marvel appear alongside these new characters. All signs point to a Young Avengers team being assembled inside the MCU and all three of the characters would make prime contenders for this group.

It isn’t entirely clear what path Ms. Marvel will take in the MCU but fans will have a better idea once they get a chance to check out Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus. The series will air weekly on Wednesdays starting June 8.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming series here.