MTV’s Scream Series To Include Remake Of The Original Film’s Opening Sequence


Out of all the movies earmarked for a small-screen spin-off, MTV’s Scream series continues to lead the pack in terms of intrigue. Much debate has surrounded the potential exclusion of the franchise’s iconic Ghostface mask, which was settled recently when Wes Craven unveiled the updated mask on his Twitter account (which you can see below). However there’s now bigger fish to fry as a starlet involved in the show, Disney alum Bella Thorne, has hinted at a far juicier homage that’s set to appear.

In an interview on Yahoo Celebrity (via Dread Central), the actress – whose involvement was only recently announced – addressed one rumour that’s been doing the rounds. Is the infamous Drew Barrymore opening sequence going to get a reboot? “Yes it is true,” the actress stated. “I will re-enact the famous scene of Drew Barrymore in the original series.”

So, how exactly will this scene slot into the show? Well, let’s take stock of what we know at this point. The story for the series as revealed so far, is slated to revolve around a YouTube viral video which becomes “the catalyst for murder in a town with a troubled past,” which saddles the show’s lead character, a teenage girl named Audrey, with grave repercussions. The key thing to note here is that while that brief premise is sketchy, it hints at the town’s troubled past – which can only mean the stream of murders which hit Woodsboro in the original four movies.

Taking that into account, we can assume that the show isn’t taking a gigantic intertextual meta stance. If that were the case, it would be one helluva move to have its killer recreate Barrymore’s death because the Scream movies exist within the TV show’s universe. It could however, simply be that the show intends to splinter off from the events of the films – like Terminator: Genisys – and begin its own mythology from that point onwards. Either way, I’m incredibly excited to see the small-screen version of the Casey Becker ten-minute opener.

Currently in production for a full episode order, the Scream series is expected to debut in October 2015.