Could The Muppets Be Headed Back To TV?


While everyone knows The Muppets for their numerous theatrical successes, Jim Henson’s loveable creations also had many excellent outings on the small screen as well. Hosting their own type of variety hour, The Muppet Show really started the world’s love for Kermit and his gang, but a new generation of fans who only have films like the recent Muppets Most Wanted are missing out on a whole section of Muppets history. Thankfully though, that might be changing.

Many people know filmmaker Nicholas Stoller for his directorial work on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek, and the uproarious frat comedy Neighbors (which you shouldn’t miss). What you may not know is that Stoller also co-wrote both recent Muppet movies. While in New York City today to promote Neighbors, I sat down with the Stoller and decided to see if there were any future plans for Jim Henson’s franchise. Here’s what he had to say:

WGTC: Are there any plans on continuing this new Muppet franchise with another movie?

Nicholas Stoller: You know, I’m not sure. I would love to, the Muppets are so much fun to write for. I’ve heard rumblings they might be trying to do some sort of TV show, but I don’t know what the next plan is exactly. That said, I love it. If they are interested in another one, I always love writing for the Muppets. There are so many stories you can tell.

A little vague? Of course, when there are only rumblings, you don’t have concrete answers – but a shift to television would be perfect right now considering how long it’s been since the original series aired. So many young children who are just finding out about the Muppets would be seeing the show with brand new eyes, having no idea that the Muppets were aired on CBS back in the late 70s and early 80s. There now exists a whole new pool of viewers ready for their own Muppet memories, and it’s been plenty long since the original was shown.

With that said, we don’t even know if a new television show would mirror the “variety” format, throwing together guests, skits, and other funny tidbits. There could just as easily be a week-by-week story being told about the Muppets, picking up where Muppets Most Wanted left off. The latest film is definitely considered a success, grossing over the projected $50 million budget, and it seems that families are still into keeping the Muppets alive.

What do you think – does a Muppets TV show sound like a good idea?