Naomi Watts Set To Reteam With David Lynch For Twin Peaks Revival, Tom Sizemore Also Cast

Naomi Watts

More than a decade ago, David Lynch handed Naomi Watts a chance to make a name for herself by headlining Mulholland Drive opposite Laura Elena Harring; one psychedelic script and a breakout performance from Watts later and the rest is history. Now, Deadline reports that the actress is primed to reunite with Lynch for Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, with Tom Sizemore (True Romance, Black Hawk Dawn) also cast in season 3.

No word yet on who exactly Watts and Sizemore will be portraying come early 2017, though fans of the original supernatural mystery series can take solace in the fact that David Lynch is set to reprise his role as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. Other key cast members at the time of writing include Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ted 2 star Amanda Seyfried.

It’s been an awful long time coming for Showtime’s Twin Peaks, and the prolonged wait was only exacerbated when Lynch exited the revival soon after it received the green light, citing salary and budgetary requirements. Alas, it wasn’t long before those early kinks were ironed out, though it did ultimately push the show’s return back into 2017.

Continuing a story that has ostensibly been left on the shelf for 25 years is no mean feat, of course, with Lynch and his creative team – including Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost – sifting through a complex script that introduced those aforementioned newcomers in a way that felt organic. But will it be worth the wait?

Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival is poised to haunt the airwaves in early 2017.