NBC Developing Frequency Reboot For The Small Screen


New Line Cinema’s 2000 time travel tearjerker, Frequency, is changing its wavelength. The movie will now be reborn on the small screen thanks to a deal from NBC, who will work in cahoots with Warner Bros. Television to issue forth a series of adventures for the father and son team.

The original feature, helmed by Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear, Fallen) and scripted by Toby Emmerich, follows a NYPD police detective (Jim Caviezel) who learns he can communicate with his now-deceased dad thirty years in the past via an old ham radio. The pic made a sizeable wedge at the box office, taking in $68 million from its $30 million budget. While not penning the series, Emmerich will stick around as executive producer for this latest iteration. Taking up the quill for the show is Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver, whose involvement will serve as part of a long-standing deal he brokered with WB.

Today’s news from THR outlines what we can expect from the show’s story. Based solely on their synopsis alone, it appears that we’ll be getting an identical small-screen version of the feature, with the father-son roles reversed:

NBC’s Frequency is described as a character-driven drama in which an NYPD detective connects with his son, 30 years in the future. The two must work together to change the history of tragic events to come, while also getting the chance to heal their complicated relationship.

The announcement comes after a season of many, many, MANY other movie-to-TV adaptations have been put into motion. Frequency has the potential to become a solid serial drama, as the high concept ‘talking across time’ radio premise allows for a lot of hijinks. With the gears now in motion, we expect to hear more on the casting, and who’ll be directing the pilot for Frequency hopefully in the near future. Or past.