NBC Reportedly Wants To Do An Office Reunion Special

The Office

NBC is considering a reunion special for The Office which would stream directly on the company’s new platform, Peacock.

Based on a British show of the same name made by comedian Ricky Gervais, The Office explores the horrid and at the same time delightful minutiae of work life in the United States. Boasting a colorful cast of extremely likable characters, the sitcom quickly took the world by storm. While it ended several years ago, it remains alive and relevant thanks to streaming services like Netflix.

The decision to air this special directly on Peacock makes sense from a business perspective, of course. Late in the game and competing against titans like the aforementioned Netflix, Hulu and now even Disney+, NBC will certainly have to spice up its assortment if it’s going to attract any subscribers.

The Office

Though fans of the show are understandably overjoyed at this news, their favorite program recently made the headlines for less favorable reasons. A few weeks ago, The Office became the subject of a small but timely controversy when the network decided to remove a particular scene from season 9 in which one of the actors performed a blackface gag. However, that little storm has since passed.

Although Hollywood has always been big on reunions, prequels, sequels and reboots, the coronavirus pandemic – and the content drought it caused – further fuelled the addiction. Over the course of quarantine, the casts from several films and series appeared on screen together again. The actors from the NBC sitcom Community, for instance, came together for the first time in over half a decade to do a table read of one of their most famous episodes. Similarly, Josh Gad managed to round up the main cast of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy for what may well be the most epic Zoom call that has yet taken place.

Tell us, though, what would you like to see happen in The Office reunion? Let us know in the comments section down below.