Neil Gaiman Responds To Petition Asking Netflix To Cancel Good Omens


The Christian-led Return to Order campaign that attempted to force Netflix to cancel acclaimed miniseries Good Omens was a disaster. While the entreaty did garner over 20,000 signatures, those in charge neglected to realize that the show actually airs on Amazon Prime. The petition was quickly taken down, but the damage was already done. Both streaming services took turns poking fun at the case of mistaken identity on Twitter and now, even Nail Gaiman has shared his thoughts on the ordeal.

The author behind the eponymous source material found enjoyment in the debacle, saying, “I love that they are going to write to Netflix to try and get #GoodOmens cancelled. Says it all really.”

It certainly does. One would think that these people would do even just a little research into the project before posting online for the world to see, but one would be wrong. Instead, they just channel their misplaced outrage towards the wrong venue and end up becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes.

The religious group felt they had a bone to pick with Gaiman’s creation because, in their own words, the episodes served as “another step to make satanism appear normal, light and acceptable”. They also claimed that the series often “mocks God’s wisdom.” Unfortunately, that wisdom was nowhere to be found when those behind this petition implored the wrong company to cancel the show they hate so much.

It’s unknown if a similar campaign will soon pop up on the Internet or if these protesters will just go away now that they’ve publicly embarrassed themselves. More likely than not, another petition is bound to appear in the near future. It remains to be seen though if this time they’ll actually direct their ire at the correct source or if Hulu will be the next streaming service that gets pressured to cancel Good Omens.