Neil Gaiman roasts conservative moms for trying to ban ‘Lucifer’

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Lucifer fans are famous for their commitment and patience. They successfully campaigned to save the show after Fox cancelled it following its season 3 run, and endured several long waits during its tenure on Netflix. But it all paid off beautifully: the sixth and final season landed on Netflix in September 2021 and was a ratings smash.

How much of a smash? Well, The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Lucifer was the most-viewed original series in 2021, clocking up an astonishing 18.34 billion minutes of viewing time. That means it even bested global megahit Squid Game, which came in second with 16.43 billion minutes.

It means it’s time for the show’s cast and creative team to take a victory lap, with Neil Gaiman taking the opportunity to throw some shade at the One Million Moms campaign group:

In 2016, the conservative Christian group (an offshoot of American Family Association), launched a campaign against Lucifer, criticizing it for showing the lead character as a misunderstood antihero. Well, they’ll likely now be spitting feathers that the viewing public took Lucifer into their hearts and made it one of the biggest shows in the world.

Though Lucifer has now wrapped up, the character won’t be gone for long. Gwendoline Christie will be playing another version of the character in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman adaptation, and the Lucifer staff couldn’t be happier, even teasing a potential crossover:

“I mean, I would like to watch the adventures of Gwendoline Christie and Tom Ellis both playing different versions of Lucifer on a road trip together.”

Perhaps this is a pipe dream, but who knows? The full run of Lucifer is on Netflix and The Sandman will arrive later this year.

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