Neil Patrick Harris Defends The How I Met Your Mother Finale

Last Forever Part One

While some people are calling the How I Met Your Mother finale polarizing, I’ve yet to hear anyone say that they’re a fan of how the show ended. Since the fiasco of an episode aired, various cast members and people involved in the show have publicly stood behind the decision to ruin everything that the iconic series stood for, with the most recent one being Neil Patrick Harris.

In a recent interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, Harris re-iterated that sometimes the growth fans want from characters isn’t the same as the growth they get.

Sometimes, people’s growth doesn’t really mean that they grow up. There are certain people who you want them to get into a solid relationship and really settle down and learn from things. And you want Barney to be the guy you can bring your mom home to — but Barney’s the guy who wants to bang your mom.

The actor does have a very good point here, at least as it pertains to his character. I was actually quite happy with how Barney wasn’t able to adapt to married life. I didn’t like the arc that focused on his relationship with Robin, so I was glad that things went back to normal by the end. Although, I really wish they wouldn’t have wasted two seasons on getting them together.

No matter which way you look at it, writing a finale for a show like HIMYM is a lose-lose situation. Either you do what people expect and it’s called cliche, or you take a risk and inevitably make some fans mad. While the show definitely didn’t play it totally safe, I still believe that there were risks that could have been taken in that final episode without drastically changing what the story was supposed to be about. If the story is really about Ted’s love for Robin, then it’s not about how he met their mother. And it’s certainly not about how through persistence and hope you can find “the one,” like Ted believed for so many years. Unless “the one” is Robin, and the Mother wasn’t actually his true love, which would be even worse.

Check out the video of Neil Patrick Harris talking about How I Met Your Mother‘s finale below and let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.

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  1. Chuck Sylvestersays:

    I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard detailed descriptions, and to me it sounds like it fits a show that kind of tried to show off relationships in pretty realistic lights, and it also fit with the theme of the on-again, off-again relationship between Robin and Ted. They will always get together in some way, and the finale showed that. Whether or not the increment time jump was something bad or good is something I’ll have to decide when I actually view the episode though.

  2. Deshysays:

    It was so unexpected for me. I didn’t see it coming and I’m glad it ended that way. For me I always wanted Ted and Robin to work out. Don’t get me wrong I liked Barney and Robin too. But I do much prefer him not in a relationship.
    The one thing I didn’t like was how rushed that last season seemed and the fact you barely even get to meet the mother. I would have liked more depth to meeting her and not so much on the Barney robin wedding.
    My favorite character has always been Ted and it was a relief when he finally found the one. It was cute and I felt happy for him.

  3. Justin pritchardsays:

    It ended in a real life type of way it shows that not all things end in a good way yes he was happy with the woman he married but life happens and she got sick and passed and the one woman who he never could stop loving was still there he jumped on the opportunity it’s not like his wife had just passed it had been some years

  4. matman4190says:

    “I’ve yet to hear anyone say that they’re a fan of how the show ended. ” He doesn’t have to look very far… If he goes to his own article and scrolls down to the comments he’ll see that 100 percent of people in the comments thought that it was the appropriate and perfect ending. it was indeed polarizing and there are lots of people on both sides. It’s a little myopic to think that most people hated it. Perhaps the people who were angry are just the loudest.

  5. Doittoitsays:

    “No matter which way you look at it, writing a finale for a show like HIMYM is a lose-lose situation. Either you do what people expect and it’s called cliche, or you take a risk and inevitably make some fans mad.”

    For someone writing about entertainment the author is on another planet with this comment. The problem with HIMYM wasn’t the ending. The problem was that the arc of the show and particularly the last season didn’t have any connection to the ending. They wrote the ending during the first season and it shows because the ending all but ignores everything that had happened since the first season. There are many shows that have had successful endings and that is because they stayed true to the show. If HIMYM would of done that, yes some people would of complained, but it would of been viewed as successful and satisfying by most

    1. Aeschylussays:

      But a happily ever after ending is WAY too predictable. And no, the ending doesn’t ignore everything that happened since the first season because there was already an episode in which Ted and Robin made the promise that if neither of them were married by age 40, they would be each other’s “backup” husband and wife. So the ending was already alluded to way back in season 4.

      1. Doittoitsays:

        Yes because one off handed comment is enough to counter years of building up to meeting “the one” and counter a season of building up a marriage. You like the show and I can respect that. what I don’t respect is denying obvious flaws out of some need to justify your attachment to it. There are things that I like that aren’t necessarily done as well as they could be, but I still acknowledge their flaws and understand what aspects draw me in.
        I don’t have any problem with the mother dying and it not being a happy ending, I don’t have a problem with Robin and ted ending up with each other What I have a problem with and most people who have criticized the ending is that the show attempt to change the arc of finding the mother to finding Robin in such a short haphazard way. Had it been done well I would of had no problems with the end result.

  6. Andrew McMurtrysays:

    “I’ve yet to hear anyone say that they’re a fan of how the show ended.” I was a fan of how the show ended. Sure, didn’t like that Robin and Barney broke up but it was but completely understand that’s the personalities they had. Robin had to travel the world and Barney, without being able to womanise, realised that that wasn’t what he wanted. It makes sense that Ted needed to get his kids permission and that it wouldn’t have been a quick conversation. I have read that there was supposed to be a funeral scene but was cut because it was too sad. But that’s the only thing I would have added. Overall though, Ted talks up Robin and he wouldn’t have told his kids half those stories without needing to prove to them that he loved Robin for so long and needed to see where that would go. I think less than the mother not being his true love, I think it was more that she was the right person at the right time while Robin was always the right person at the wrong time until she got to the point where she wanted to settle down. It was sad because the mother had to die but it was the right way to end.

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