Netflix Added 3 New Titles Today, Including A Horror TV Show


As the month begins to wind down, Netflix has slowed its content drops over the past few days, with not a ton of notable titles arriving lately. However, they haven’t hit the brakes completely and continue to bring us new movies and TV shows on a daily basis. And that’s a trend which continues today.

Comprising 2 TV series and one comedy special, you can consult the list below for what arrived on the streaming site today, June 23rd:

  • Rosewell, New Mexico (Season 2)
  • Eric Andre: Legalize Everything (2020)
  • Slasher (Seasons 1-3)


Sure, it’s not much, but with a new month quickly approaching now, there’s a ton of fresh content on the way. Indeed, July is shaping up pretty nicely so far, with some exciting licensed movies and a whole batch of original TV shows to binge, like CursedThe Umbrella AcademyWarrior Nun and more.

But as for today’s offerings, horror fans may want to check out Slasher, with all three seasons now having returned to Netflix after being removed for licensing issues a few months ago. It’s a truly under-appreciated gem on the platform that takes the form of an anthology series, with each new season beginning with “a new masked killer on the loose.” A 70% on Rotten Tomatoes means that critics have mostly enjoyed it, too, so if it sounds like it’d be up your alley, be sure to check it out.

Otherwise, stay tuned over the coming days as it won’t be long now until Netflix announces its full list of new arrivals for July. As mentioned above, a couple of titles have already been revealed, but you can be sure that there’s a lot more to come.