Watch: Netflix announces third and final season of ‘Top Boy’ via trailer


The British crime drama Top Boy has had a successful run and found an audience on Netflix, and now the streaming service has announced viewers will get one more season of adventures in London’s Summerhouse estate to follow.

The company posted the trailer above to YouTube earlier today, featuring 60 seconds of shakedowns, staredowns, shootouts, and flames. The show stars Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson, and Netflix also hinted their characters might not walk away to safety.

“There’s a time for everything. There’s a time for family and times we let them go. There’s a time to come together, and a time to ride out. There’s a time to build empires, and a time to burn them. Every top boy has their time, and that time is coming.”

Filming for what is being called the final chapter begins this summer. Apart from Walters and Robinson, other performers on the show include Shone Romulus, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Xavien Russell, Kierston Wareing, and Michael Ward as Jamie Tovell. The series currently has a 95 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and for Jochan Embley of the London Evening Standard, its reputation is well-earned.

“It’s all bleak, but it’s also riveting. Top Boy tells painful stories, but ones that need to be told. By the eighth and final episode [of season two] things reach breaking point. The ending – and what an ending it is – suggests another season could be in the offing. You’d be surprised if it wasn’t.”