Netflix Wants Arrested Development Season 5


Arrested Development will air its fourth season, in its entirety, this Sunday on Netflix. Anticipation is at an all time high and it looks like the legions of loyal fans have only grown in size over the last couple of years. Now, in an interview with THR, Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos has revealed that if all goes according to plan, this fourth season may not be the last of the Bluth family.

“We would love to do more, and we have a deal in place that says that there could be. The problem is logistics. They were all working full-time and doing this show in between, and they did it for the love of the show and for Mitch Hurwitz. If we can muster up that love again, we’d love to do it again.”

Additionally, Netflix is also open to doing an Arrested Development film, as Sarandos has stated that they have “openly talked about a movie scenario.” That’s in no way official confirmation that it will happen but at least we know that it’s still a possibility.

Now, for all the hype and buzz currently surrounding the show, it’s still more of a cult thing than a bonafide pop culture phenomenon. I mean, sure, the show has its fans and those fans are pretty loyal but when you step back and look at it, Arrested Development isn’t nearly as big as other heavy hitting TV shows. That’s why it was cancelled in the first place, it just didn’t have the ratings to sustain it. While I have no doubt that this season will be well received, I just hope that the demand will be high enough to warrant a fifth season and potentially a film.

Airing on Netflix will likely bring in additional fans and put the show in front of many new faces but will it be enough for Arrested Development to grow to the level of popularity that it deserves to be at? Only time will tell but for now, we can get excited knowing that in a few short days we’ll be seeing more of the Bluth family.