Netflix Just Cancelled 4 Of Its Original Shows At Once

The Crew

Though it used to be known as the place where cancelled shows could go for another chance, Netflix these days has a reputation for mercilessly cancelling its own shows before their natural lifespan is up. And that’s not something that’s going to change anytime soon: the streaming giant has just cancelled another four series at once. This time, the platform has decided to clear out much of its recent sitcom programming.

As per Deadline, Netflix has elected not to go forward with second seasons of both The Crew and Country Comfort, nor will it be pressing ahead with third seasons for Mr. Iglesias or Bonding. It’s been confirmed that the streamer is staying in partnership with creatives from three out of four of these series, however. Namely, stars Kevin James, Gabriel Iglesias, and Bonding creator Rightor Doyle.

The Crew, about the employees of a NASCAR garage, debuted back in February. Despite being James’ big return to the sitcom world since Kevin Can Wait concluded in 2018, it clearly didn’t draw enough eyeballs to warrant more episodes. Netflix must believe James is still a bankable star, though, as they’ve just closed a deal with him to develop a single-camera comedy this time, which he will produce and star in.

Mr Iglesias

Likewise, Bonding – which followed a college student (Zoe Levin) who moonlights as a dominatrix – might not be getting  a third season, but Doyle is in the process of developing another series in its place. Meanwhile, Iglesias’ third stand-up special is slated to shoot this summer. Only Country Comfort – starring Katharine McPhee as a country singer who becomes a nanny – isn’t having any kind of afterlife following its cancellation, as far as we’re aware.

Other Netflix cancellations that happened this year include pricey superhero drama Jupiter’s Legacy and Sherlock Holmes spinoff The Irregulars. Jamie Foxx’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! was another recent comedy cut short, as confirmed just a couple of weeks ago.