Netflix cancels another animated series, leaving many shocked but none surprised

Dead End: Paranormal Park
Image via Netflix

While Netflix may have started out as the gift that kept on giving, these days, the public is becoming more and more agitated at how the Titan streaming service seems to take and take some more! With the announcement that Dead End: Paranormal Park has officially been canceled after two highly entertaining seasons, it’s safe to say that a pattern has ultimately formed.

This news, which was announced by creator Hamlisch Steele, comes just days after the cancellation of another fan-favorite animated project Inside Job, and two days after a tweet hailing Guillermo del Toro’s declaration that animation is indeed cinema. Of course, fans were quick to call out the irony.

With the endless heartbreak Netflix keeps awarding fans, many are becoming less and less interested in starting any animated shows in the future, and while there will always be shock in the air, the element of surprise has been taken away. Other animated projects the streamer has canceled in recent times include Glitch Techs, Bone, Wings of Fire, Bad Crimes, and The Midnight Gospel, and in true fashion, many are calling Netflix out on social media. 

Dead End: Paranormal Park was met with positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with much praise going to its originality and inclusivity. The series followed Barney and Norma, employees in a local theme park who are plunged into a world of the paranormal. Zach Barack and Koda Kavitha voiced the duo, while Alex Brightman, Emily Osment, Clinton Leupp, Kenny Tran, Kathreen Khavari, and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez made up the rest of the voice cast.