Netflix Cancels New Horror Show After Only One Season


Despite glowing reviews from critics and positive viewer reception, Netflix has chosen to cancel their new horror series Marianne after only one season.

The French show was led by Victoire du Bois in the role of Emma, a successful and well-known horror author who begins to notice that the evil spirit – a character she created that often haunts her nightmares –  is now causing chaos in the real world. The chilling horror of Marianne‘s first season melded well with glimmers of humor and excellent character development, and those who made it through the entirety of its haunting story were left with plenty to talk about.

Though the show ended with enough ambiguity to warrant another season. writer and director Samuel Bodin didn’t mince words when sharing the unfortunate cancellation news. In an Instagram post, he had this to say to fans:

There won’t be a second season for MARIANNE. We are very sorry and sad about that. But we will see you in other stories…


The first and only season of Marianne was a tight and frightening 8-episode run that was praised by the likes of horror mastermind Stephen King and many other popular genre mainstays, ending with a solid 93% on popular aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. With most viewers sharing the same sentiments as critics, it’s honestly quite surprising that Netflix made the decision to cancel the show after such a short run. It’s not unusual for the streaming service, however, with multiple beloved Marvel series and other popular shows like One Day at a Time and American Vandal biting the dust earlier than fans would’ve liked.

Nothing in the modern world of streaming is ever entirely set in stone though. While unlikely, there is always a chance that enough fan outcry could convince Netflix to push ahead with another season of Marianne, or there is always the possibility that another streaming service could pick the series up and give it a new home. But don’t get your hopes up.