Netflix Cancels Yet Another Popular Original Show

The Order

Netflix‘s 2020 cancellation spree has claimed yet another victim, and the axe continues swinging with alarming regularity across the streaming service’s wide range of original output. One minor positive is that The Order managed to last for two seasons before getting canned, a claim that can’t be made by the likes of I Am Not Okay With This, The Society, Away, Teenage Bounty Hunters, The Big Show Show, V Wars, October Faction and many others that have been pulled from the platform this year.

Created by longtime television veteran Dennis Heaton, the teen-skewing fantasy show with horror and supernatural elements followed a college student who joins a secret society that practices magic. Of course, our handsome protagonist eventually stumbles upon a wide-ranging conspiracy full of dark secrets that threaten the very fabric of reality, while there’s also the requisite amount of romance and some werewolves thrown in for good measure.

the order

The Order was never one of Netflix’s biggest original shows, but it did have a solid following and reviews were generally kind towards the glossy and undemanding series. Heaton took to social media to react to the news yesterday, and at least he didn’t walk away from the set empty handed.

Season 2 only debuted on Netflix in June, and while the streaming service haven’t released any viewership data for The Order, it would be safe to assume that the increased production costs to shoot a TV show in the age of COVID-19 has convinced the money men that the series isn’t worth picking up for a third run. Fans will no doubt launch a petition in short order as they tend to do anytime anything is canceled, but the mystical favorite looks to be gone for good.

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