Netflix cancels ‘Raising Dion’ after 2 seasons

raising dion

Netflix debuted Raising Dion to praise in 2019. The show was based on a hit short film, following a single Black mother raising a young boy with superpowers and had Michael B. Jordan attached. But, unfortunately, the show has been canceled.

News of the Jordan-produced show not returning for a third season was revealed today by The Hollywood Reporter. The show’s second season debuted in February and spent four weeks in Netflix’s top 10 English-language shows globally, but, the three billion minutes spent watching were not enough for the streamer.

Star Sammi Haney – who played Dion’s friend Esperanza Jimenez – confirmed the news in a post on Instagram. She is thankful fans did watch it and does note there is a silver lining in the dark time. Apparently, the show kept her from accepting other roles offered to her and one was even written with her in mind. So, now the 11-year-old has a chance to continue her career and is amped to do so.

“So if you work for a major studio, hit me up again, I’m ready!”

Others on the project included Alisha Wainwright and Jason Ritter. Wainwright also took to Instagram today and says while she is grateful for the show, it is a shame more will not be done to elevate brown children and children with disabilities like the first two seasons did for Dion and Haney’s Esperanza.

The two seasons of the mom-and-child superhero show that got made have 17 episodes between them, still available to watch on Netflix.