Netflix confirms live-action ‘Resident Evil’ series for 2022 release


Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil series has been pushed to the background for the time being, with the focus instead falling on the animated Infinite Darkness and Johannes Roberts’ very recent reboot Welcome to Raccoon City.

Unfortunately, the latter flopped at the box office this past weekend after failing to even come within touching distance of $10 million across the five-day holiday frame, so if sequels end up falling by the wayside as a result, then the coast is clear for the episodic spin on the console classic to return to center stage.

We haven’t seen or heard an awful lot about the show other than the storyline reportedly unfolding across two timelines and telling the story of 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, with the rest of the story taking place a decade in the future where the world has been ravaged by the T-Virus, whittling the population down to under 15 million.

Lance Reddick headlines the cast as Albert Wesker, and he’s a solid fit for the part given his usual blend of charm, natural charisma, and that underlying menace that’s always ready to bubble to the surface at any given moment. We haven’t had any substantial updates on the Resident Evil for a long time, but on the plus side, Netflix has confirmed a 2022 release. In keeping with the veil of secrecy, though, that’s about as far as the information stretches.