Netflix Announces Resident Evil Series, Features Dual Timelines And Original Story


Resident Evil is officially headed to Netflix and, what’s more, it appears as if all of the leaks were true.

Confirmed via press release earlier today, the streaming platform revealed that this adaptation of Capcom’s genre-defining survival-horror franchise will take place across two distinct timelines and centre around sisters Jade and Billie Wesker. Fans of the source material will, of course, immediately make the connection between these siblings and long-running series’ villain Albert Wesker, though it remains to be seen if these two bearers of the name are his children or leftovers from Ozwell E. Spencer’s Wesker program.

It’s worth noting, however, that Netflix specifically references that Jade and Billie’s father may be harboring dark secrets, leading us to believe, at least, that their parent and Albert are one and the same. We’ll no doubt learn more on that front as the show’s release date (yet to be confirmed) gets closer, but in the meantime, there’s certainly plenty of other interesting revelations to talk about, chief among them being multiple timelines.

The first will follow Jade and Billie as teens settling into life in New Raccoon City. The pair quickly realize that something is amiss in the corporate town, however, and that their father may have a role in the inevitable catastrophe to follow.

In contrast, the second timeline takes place more than a decade later on a post-apocalyptic Earth where the global population has dwindled to 15 million. The T-Virus has mutated the majority of humans and wildlife into undead monsters and Jade, now in her thirties, must confront uncomfortable truths from her childhood while doing everything she can to survive in an inhospitable world.

Resident Evil season 1 will run for 8, 1-hour episodes with Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb confirmed to be at the helm as showrunner. With the series now officially announced, we expect to learn more soon, but in the meantime, feel free to let us know what you hope to see from it by dropping a comment below.