Tensions Rise In First Trailer For Season 2 Of The Crown


Our first look at season 2 of Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown has now arrived!

The debut season launched to critical acclaim when it premiered on the streaming service last November. In particular, it was praised for its very human portrayal of the English royal family, as Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and her husband Phillip (Matt Smith) struggled to adjust to the changes in their lives as the former ascended to the throne. The couple’s problems only look to be intensifying in season 2 though, as this new trailer shows us.

The footage here teases conflicts rising on all fronts, with the Queen herself confiding in Phillip – now sporting a thick beard – that she fears the monarchy might not survive another public scandal. Unfortunately for her, there will be lots of drama within the family this season, as her wayward uncle David (Alex Jennings) returns to Britain and Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) finds herself a new photographer beau in Antony Armstrong-Jones (Watchmen‘s Matthew Goode).

In the face of pressure from the public, the Queen will have to make the tough decision to throw out centuries of tradition in a bid to keep up with the changing times of the 1960s and ensure that the monarchy remains relevant. There’s also a hint at a massive split between the Queen and another character, as Elizabeth cries that she will never forgive someone off-screen. All in all, it’s an exciting trailer for fans of the series, with an effective use of the song “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

As has been known for a while, season 2 will be the last to star Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Elizabeth and Phillip. To account for the jump forward through the Queen’s life, season 3 will see the lead roles recast with older actors. We recently learned that Foy would be replaced with Murder on the Orient Express‘ Olivia Colman. The next Phillip, meanwhile, has yet to be found but Colman has said she hopes it might be her former Broadchurch co-star David Tennant. Which would no doubt delight Doctor Who fans, as well.

Be sure to catch The Crown season 2 when it hits Netflix on December 8th.