Netflix delivers another unnecessary nostalgic reboot in first ‘That ’90s Show’ teaser


Netflix is at it again. One of the streaming giant’s favorite things to do, especially as it continually throws new original series at the wall only to cancel them after a single season, is to serve up a totally unnecessary reboot of a classic show that tugs at our collective nostalgia in the hopes of enticing us to click that ‘Play’ button. And, who knows, maybe their next attempt will be the one that works — That ’90s Show, the follow-up to the beloved That ’70s Show, that’s premiering Jan. 19.

We’ve known this one was due for some time, but now Netflix has finally offered up our first look at the sequel series in the form of this official teaser trailer (see above). Just as you would expect, this early glimpse doubles down on the power of nostalgia by giving the show’s two returning characters the majority of the screentime — namely, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp as Red and Kitty Forman.

that 70s show tommy chong
Photo by FOX via Getty Images

In the original That ’70s Show, the Formans had their son Eric (Topher Grace) living in their basement, but in this revival that’s set two decades later, their granddaughter has now moved in with them instead. Callie Haverda stars as Leia (of course the Star Wars-obsessed Eric named his daughter after Carrie Fisher), with the rest of the new cast including Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Reyn Doi, and Sam Morelos.

Obviously, though, with shows like this, audiences are just waiting on the old favorites to show up again. And while the older generation of Formans are the only ones who will be regulars on That ’90s Show, it has been confirmed that a range of familiar faces will show up as special guest stars at some point during the incoming first season. Fans should be excited to find out that they can expect Grace, Mila Kunis, and Aston Kutcher, among others, to drop by.

That ’70s Show managed to last for 200 episodes spread across eight seasons. Let’s see if That ’90s Show can get to season two on Netflix.