Netflix Developing Live-Action The Legend Of Zelda TV Series



One popular video game series that fans have been desperate to see adapted is Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda. While the majority of video game movies evoke tired groans from the geek population, today’s news is another matter entirely. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is in the preliminary stages of developing a live-action TV series based on the hugely-popular franchise.

Some twenty titles have been produced since the original game hit the market in 1987. Their central story revolves around a normal boy called Link who must rescue a princess named Zelda and embark on a fantastical quest. It’s obviously evolved over time, but that lynchpin story is expected to be the main focus of the live-action series. Netflix are keen to craft a family-friendly Game Of Thrones-style show based around the games’ fashionable fantasy tropes.

However, Nintendo, the Japanese company who spawned Zelda games, are maintaining a stronghold on the property throughout development. If they’re not happy with Netflix’s take – and if Netflix aren’t either – they possess the power to resign the entire thing to the trash. It is still very early days, however as Netflix are currently hunting for writers to contribute to the show. There’s a chance that The Legend Of Zelda might not even land a pilot, never mind a full series order. But here’s hoping.

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