Netflix Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education
Image via Netflix

Netflix’s British comedy series Sex Education dropped its third season early this morning—or late last night, depending on when you go to bed—and fans are already gushing about the new episodes.

The racey dramedy, which first aired back in 2019, has been praised for its realistic and thoughtful portrayal of high school romance and sex, quickly collecting a loyal fan base as a result. Audiences have been waiting more than 20 months for new episodes to drop, which no doubt led to countless numbers skipping sleep last night to binge 8 fresh episodes.

Numerous viewers have yet to even realize that Sex Education season 3 is already up, but that isn’t stopping the show’s most loyal fans from taking to social media to praise the show, share their takeaways, and generally hype up the playfully awkward new season.

A number of fans couldn’t get past just how good the show remains, even after more than a year of absence. They rained praises on the new season, noting, in particular, how “realistic” and “funny” its first episodes are, along with the surprisingly “sad” moments scattered throughout. 

Apparently, the show starts off strong. 

A few viewers have very complicated feelings about the new season’s release.

People are using the drop of the new season as an excuse to publicly ship their favorite couples, which has turned into a bit of an Edward vs Jacob situation on Twitter.

Fans that have yet to enjoy the new episodes are hyping themselves up for a viewing, while also sharing their anxiety over spoilers from the night owls who already binged every episode.

Not everyone loved the ending, but it certainly drummed up hype for season 4.

If you’re looking forward to binging Sex Education over the upcoming weekend, but can’t quite remember the events of last season, don’t worry. Netflix was kind enough to release a recap from two of the show’s stars, which covers all the important events.

Sex Education season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.