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Netflix now lets you ditch your ex without changing your password

Good luck watching 'The Crown' now, Janet! (Please come back.)

Netflix to let you get rid of your ex easier
Credit: Netflix

We’ve all been through a bad breakup and had to deal with the tribulations of custody over the cat, dog, TV, cactus, pot plant, pet rock, and what have you, as well as divvying up all the subscription services.

Thankfully, Netflix has now made it easier to deal with the last of those items on the list of things to squabble over, after things just aren’t working out for you and your significant other anymore.

The dust settles, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and tearfully question your place in the world, bingeing your way through Bojack Horseman chin-deep in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. The last thing you want to do when you fire up Netflix is be faced with the judgemental default smiley face profile icon with your ex’s name on it.

Before the streaming service’s latest update, even if you were to remove that profile, your ex could still log in and passive-aggressively add their profile back to the account without exchanging a word with you. Why can’t they understand that this unhealthy method of communication is what led you two to break up in the first place?

Netflix's Manage Devices Screen

No longer – Netflix has introduced a “Manage Access and Devices” option to account settings. In this menu, you’ll be able to see the devices that have accessed your account lately. 

From here you can go ahead and bar Janet’s MacBook Air or Dave’s iPhone 6S Plus from ever letting their owners get their grubby hands on your Netflix account again, that is in case you’re not quite ready to change your password from JanetnDave4EvaXO.

Now you can continue to go about your sad evening in relative peace, and mutter to yourself – “Get your own Netflix account, Janet. I’ll bet you’ll go for the ad-supported tier too, you cheapskate.”

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