Netflix Officially Pulls Plug On Marco Polo After Two Seasons

marco polo 1

With its vast library of digital content, Netflix is so often considered a safe haven for series in the TV landscape. From Stranger Things to landmark film deals in the vein of Bright, we’ve witnessed the online streamer go from strength to strength in recent years – so much so that it’s almost surprising to catch wind of a disappointing setback like, say, the cancellation of period drama Marco Polo.

Deadline has the scoop, confirming that the show’s second season will be its last. Hatched in 2014 by series creator John Fusco, Marco Polo starred Lorenzo Richelmy as the titular Venetian, chronicling his remarkable journey to 13th century China. Recreating such a defining period in history proved a costly endeavour – Marco Polo was essentially the first of Netflix’s original series to be tailored for an international audience – and reports claim the inaugural season cost an estimated $90 million across its 10-episode run.


That novelty was enough to draw in the viewers for a relatively strong season, and though Netflix is notoriously cagey regarding official viewership, it appears Marco Polo has succumbed to the sophomore slump, resulting in a reported $200 million loss for the streaming giant. Richelmy and Co. won’t be donning the period garb for a third season anytime soon, then.

The official statement from Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Company produced the show throughout its two-season run, follows:

“Netflix has been incredible to give us the room to make a series with a cast true to every principle of diversity. It’s a bold network that allows you to do that and support us in the way that Netflix did. As many people know, Asian history and the world of martial arts have fascinated me for all of my career – I’ve made many movies around these topics and this genre, and now this TV show I’m so proud of. John has been a great partner and we’re both fascinated to continue exploring this exciting period in history on future projects together.”