Netflix Planning To End Stranger Things After Season 4

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is arguably Netflix’s most popular original TV series. You simply had to log on to any social media site over the past weekend to see just how many people binged season 3 of the supernatural drama as soon as it came out. There’s a general feeling that Stranger Things has a long shelf-life, then. However, we’re hearing that this isn’t the case and the show will actually reach its end after its next run.

We Got This Covered has been informed by a very reliable source that Netflix plans to wrap up the series following season 4. We’re told that the original idea was to stretch it out to five seasons, something that also fits with what the producers have said, but all signs are now pointing to the show calling it quits after just one more run.

This actually makes a lot of sense in many ways. For one, there’s the question of continually increasing the stakes. Stranger Things 3 featured the Mind Flayer attacking Hawkins in the flesh, with the Russian government also involved. There’s surely only so much higher they can set the bar after that, right? The season 3 finale also ripped apart our heroes in a major way that’ll be difficult to come back from permanently. Not least Hopper’s apparent death.

Outside of the narrative reasons though, the young cast are not just becoming bigger and bigger stars, but they’re also getting older all the time. Maybe it’s best to conclude the show while they’re still teens to keep that core “kids outsmarting the villains” element in tact.

As for when this fourth and potentially final season could arrive, we know about as much as you. Presumably, there’ll be another nearly two year wait though, much like the gap between seasons 2 and 3. Which means we might be saying goodbye to Stranger Things in 2021. That should give us enough time to prepare to leave Hawkins behind forever, right?