Netflix Re-Editing Squid Game After Real Person’s Phone Number Results In Unwanted Calls

A man in South Korea has inadvertently been fielding an outpouring of random strangers’ phone calls and texts after his number was reportedly used in the Netflix hit Squid Game, reports Decider.

The now-deleted shots contained a real phone number on the back of the business card of the shadowy organization and facilitator of deadly children’s games the show centers around.

Since news came out about the man receiving a surge of unwanted calls presumably asking about how to enter the game or whether it is real, Netflix has come out publicly saying they will take measures to protect the man’s identity.

“Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary,” Netflix told The Independent.

The man said he didn’t know why he received so many calls at first but was informed by a friend that his number came out in the series. Since then, he described the number of phone calls he receives per day as around 4,000.

The first season of the South Korean Squid Game introduced a macabre winner-take-all competition involving children’s games among cash-strapped participants and provided a deft commentary on the conditions that contribute to one’s socioeconomic status. Watch it now on Netflix.