Netflix Releases Opening Credits For A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Today is a delightfully miserable day. Netflix has released the full first season of their much-anticipated Lemony Snicket adaptation A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the response thus far as been quite kind. After an underwhelming film adaptation from 2004, this newest, extended TV version should serve fans well. Among other things, praise can directed towards the show’s theme song, a delightfully cheeky rendition performed by Neil Patrick Harris, who also plays the cruel and menacing Count Olaf.

The song reflects A Series of Unfortunate Events perfectly, which is to say it’s equal parts morose and lighthearted. Harris, in addition to playing the villainous role extremely well, also fits the not-so-somber mood, while also playing into the show’s self-aware and self-deprecating sense of humor. Suffice to say, if this theme song swings your fancy, you’ll probably find a lot to love in the newly released series.

As I wrote in my review a few weeks back, A Series of Unfortunate Events feels just right. Its visually sublime and wickedly inspired take on the material favors drab humor, quirky camera angles and attention and care to its wacky supporting characters, which helps bring to life the spirit of the YA book series, where the original film adaptation often felt… off. Hopefully, fellow fans agree.

Don’t heed the warnings of this theme song, dear reader and future viewer. Please take a look at these unfortunate events and let us know your thoughts on Netflix’s latest binge-worthy series in the comments section down below.