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Netflix Renews Beloved Animated Show For 4 More Seasons

Netflix has just announced that one of their acclaimed animated series will run for four more seasons to finish the saga.


During a Comic-Con@Home panel, Netflix finally announced that not only is another season of The Dragon Prince in the works, but the company will produce at least seven seasons in total.

Over the past two years, Aaron Ehasz’s new show has turned into an absolute sensation. While the story of princes Callum and Ezran and the elven assassin Rayla didn’t generate nearly as much buzz as Avatar: The Last Airbender, the creator has managed to imitate the formula in a brand new fantasy world, one chock-full of adventures, mysteries, diversity and a whole lot of action.

After defeating the forces of Lord Viren with the help of elves and Katolis royalists, a peace treaty between the kingdoms of men and Xadia seems inevitable. Yet, the sinister Aaravos is still at large, and now that Claudia is helping her father, it’ll only be a matter of time before they return and disrupt the peace. Callum, meanwhile, having learned how to use primal magic as the first human to do so, also has a cool new trick up his sleeve, allowing him to fly like the Skywing Elves.

The show may have ended its third season on a conclusive note, but it’s clear that Ehasz and Justin Richmond have big plans for the future of the series. And now, during a virtual panel with the cast and crew as part of Comic-Con@Home, Netflix have announced that the show will continue through seasons 4 to 7.


It seems that Netflix is adamant on finishing The Dragon Prince Saga, as they call it. And it makes sense, too. Even by the show’s own reasoning, we’ve been through 3 books: Moon, Sky and Sun. There’s plenty more to discover in the world of Xadia, then, not to mention that the story of the Dragon Prince himself is not over yet, nor is he safe, at least not until we figure out what the enigmatic Aaravos wants.

Tell us, though, are you excited about the return of The Dragon Prince for more seasons on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts on the series in the usual place below.

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