Netflix renews ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ for second bite

All of Us Are Dead

Netflix may be entering bumpy business waters, but the streaming service still gives stories to the public, and, one which has just been given a second helping from the company is South Korea’s All of Us Are Dead coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror bit.

News of the show coming back for another season got announced today as a part of the start of Netflix’s Geeked Week and is reported in an article from Deadline Hollywood. The article notes the series rose to the top spot in Netflix’s daily Top 10 list a week after it premiered Jan. 28 and stayed on top in 91 countries for two consecutive weeks. The 12-episode first season follows a group of students trapped in a school who find themselves in harrowing moments as they seek to be rescued and safe.

The piece has an 83 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of this story being filed and features a wide-ranging cast. David Opie of Digital Spy says in his review of the work it is in the same vein as Train to Busan and, in the wake of the announcement today and the video teaser posted by Netflix to YouTube promising what is to come, series fans say more is truly well-deserved.

For another, the news was enough to make use of a gif from a former beloved show Netflix once hosted in order to capture their enthusiasm at the news of Nam On-Jo, Yoon Chan-young, and the rest of the students at the shattered high school coming back.

The next season does not have a release date set at this time nor an episode order total.