Netflix Renews Orange Is The New Black For Season 4


Netflix may have waited before the arrival of Season 3 before confirming that House of Cards would return in 2016 – there’s a presidential election to be won, after all – but the online giant has wasted no time in renewing another of the company’s hit original series, Orange is the New Black, which today secured a season 4.

Announced during Good Morning America, it was Uzo Aduba (who plays fan favorite Suzanne, or Crazy Eyes, on the show) who broke the news that our stint in the Litchfield Correctional Institution was far from over. During the interview, the actress also touched upon the innate appeal of the well-received prison drama, and how empathy is ultimately the key to its continued popularity.

I think people find themselves surprisingly relating to a lot of these characters. It’s not just exclusively about inmates. These are people’s mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, neighbors, employees, and people can relate to those struggles and the challenges of just trying to make it through every day. And I think also it’s this idea that good people — good people — can make mistakes.

As is so often the case, Netflix didn’t unveil specific viewership numbers for Orange is the New Black, but it’s safe to assume that, aside from maybe the aforementioned House of Cards, that it pulls in some of the service’s highest viewing figures. Issuing a renewal before the arrival of season 3 may be construed as bold, but given the standard of quality to date, fans can expect the ladies of Litchfield to remain on the streaming service for some time yet.

All 14 episodes of Orange is the New Black will debut exclusively on Netflix come June 12. For now, tell us, are you excited to learn that the prison drama will return for another season in 2016?