Netflix reportedly cancels ‘Bone’ comic adaptation

Netflix has reportedly canceled its plans to produce an animated series based on the popular Jeff Smith comic series Bone.

Ever since the Bone series was first announced back in 2019, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the Netflix adaption. But as per a report by The Wrap, big changes are taking place in Netflix Animation’s kids & family division, which also involves scrapping all plans for the series.

Bone fans hadn’t had much news about the highly anticipated series since its announcement. The last time that an update was given was back in 2021 when Smith spoke to Polygon and revealed that while COVID 19 was the reason behind the delay in its preproduction, it also allowed him to get the best team for the film.

“There were a couple of people that worked on some shows that I [asked about] because I watched a bunch of Cartoon Network shows and some Netflix shows. Is this person around? Can we get this person? What’s this guy doing now? Or what’s she doing? And thanks to the pandemic, I was able to get everybody I wanted.

I say thanks there were people that were in contract, but we were delayed by like, eight or nine months because of the pandemic; [by that time] the contracts were up, and I got everybody I wanted. I don’t want to really say who they are, because I don’t want to steal Netflix’s thunder but, yes. I got my dream team of animation people, and I’m pretty excited about it so far.”

Despite assembling his dream team it would seem that Smith won’t yet be getting the chance to see his comic series, which debuted in 1991, finally grace the small screen — at least not on Netflix.

Ever since this news broke, fans have been vocal about their disappointment on social media, sharing how they were anticipating the series’ release. So, perhaps there is still hope for the project and it could find a home on another streamer in the near future.

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