Netflix Announces Sonic Prime Animated Series, Coming In 2022

Sonic The Hedgehog

Netflix’s love affair with all things gaming is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

For those that missed it, late last year, the streaming platform confirmed that it had secured Sega’s blessing to create a new animated series based on the company’s mascot Sonic The Hedgehog, though it had little else to share besides that. As of today, however, fans of the lightning-fast hedgehog now know not only when to expect his arrival on the service, but what the 3D animated show will be called, to boot.

Sonic Prime makes its debut in 2022 with production duties split between two studios, Vancouver-based Wild Brain and Man of Action Entertainment. If the latter of those sounds familiar to you, it’s likely down to the writer collective’s previous work (Ben 10, Generator Rex) being well known to younger generations. While it’s a little too early to expect anything in the form of a cinematic teaser, Netflix has revealed the Sonic Prime logo and you can check it out down below.

As far as character designs and plot details go, there’s very little to be gleaned from the logo above, and given how extensive the IP’s history is, making any sort of educated guess is nigh on impossible. What with this being an animated adventure, though, I’m leaning more towards Sonic’s native world of Mobius, not Earth, being the setting, if only to make incorporating supporting cast members such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose more straightforward.

There is the alternative, though, that Sonic Prime is an animated spinoff of Paramount’s live-action film series, but I imagine both parties will want to keep these adaptations different and self-contained. Sega has the last word, either way, and we can’t wait to see how this latest venture pans out.