Netflix Considering A Second Season Of Making A Murderer



Making A Murderer premiered on Netflix back in December and took the world by storm. Turning into something of a cultural phenomena, it’s all that anyone seems to be talking about and now, Netflix is looking to capitalize on the tremendous buzz that the show’s receiving by toying with the idea of a second season.

No decision has been made just yet, but the company’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, revealed this weekend that they’re looking into a follow-up but given that the story is “still unfolding,” they haven’t decided what they want to do just yet.

Speaking further on the show and what made it such a hit, Sarandos said the following:

“It was miraculous turn of events in the last couple of weeks of the year, where it was combination of super-addictive television and the (free) time to watch,” Sarandos said, adding “people were just obsessed with it… I think there must be something genetic in us that we’re natural- born detectives and love to watch these shows. It’s a sense of injustice and a certainly sense of mystery that people really got into.”

Tell us, have you had a chance to check out Making A Murderer yet? If so, are you ready for more of Steven Avery? Sound off below and let us know.

Source: Deadline

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