Netflix To Unleash Castlevania Season 3 In December


If a now-deleted tweet from Netflix Nordic is any indication, the third installment of Castlevania will be on our screens as soon as next week.

Earlier today, the online streaming giant released a graphic detailing all of the many TV shows and movies headed to Netflix over the next four weeks, one of which was Castlevania season 3. Its official air date? December 1st, 2019, though the Powers That Be quickly pulled said tweet, casting doubt over the show’s ETA. We will, of course, keep you right up-to-date as more information comes to light.

Now entering its third year on the streaming service, Castelvania rose from humble beginnings: a four-episode season in which viewers were introduced to a grief-stricken Dracula, hell-bent on vengeance following the murder of his wife. Hoping to drive a stake through his heart is disgraced monster hunter Trevor Belmont, who hails from a family of vampire killers.

There’s currently no mention of a cast list for Castlevania season 3, but we can at least expect a return for Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Graham McTavish as Dracula, James Callis as Alucard, and Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades.

Back behind the lens are Warren Ellis and Adi Shankar, the latter of whom is also adapting Assassin’s Creed and the cult favorite Devil May Cry series for TV. The creative duo really struck gold in 2017 with the initial season of Castlevania, which was awarded an expanded eight-episode season 2. Fast forward to 2019, and it seems we’re on the verge of a 10-episode third season.

That is assuming Netflix Nordic’s now-deleted tweet was accurate, of course. So at least for now, it looks likely that Castlevania season 3 will swoop onto Netflix on December 1st.

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