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Netflix unveils the first teaser for the latest fantasy series from the creator of its bigger-ever bomb

Let's hope this one fares at least a little better.

the chosen one
via Netflix

It’s too early to say the investment itself was a regrettable one, but Netflix hasn’t exactly gotten its money’s worth since purchasing Mark Millar’s Millarworld, either. That’s not to say The Chosen One is destined to fail, but it could really do with being a substantial hit that at the very least survives for more than one season.

The streaming service acquired the company back in the summer of 2017, and in that time a whole two projects have emerged, one of which happens to be the platform’s biggest-ever flop. Despite sinking $200 million into the ambitious Jupiter’s Legacy, the series failed to catch on with viewers or critics, and was embarrassingly canceled a matter of weeks after premiering.

Animated spin-off Super Crooks emerged in November of 2021, but six years and two middling offerings isn’t really good enough comparative to the money involved. The Chosen One will be looking to remedy that, but it’s already fighting an uphill battle with the presence of Tenoch Huerta among the ensemble, given the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star is battling against sexual assault allegations.

The first teaser confirming an August release has arrived, though, even if it’s light on footage to try and determine the quality.

Based on Millar’s American Jesus, The Chosen One follows a 12 year-old boy who suddenly discovers he has powers that could best be described as Christ-like. It’s certainly got the potential to be controversial, but it remains entirely up for debate as to whether or not it’ll actually be any good.

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